Squirrel Control

The process of squirrel control begins with finding all of the entrance holes on the exterior of the structure.  Then, Arrow Pest Control will usually set cage type traps on the exterior, next to the entrance holes.  As the squirrel exits or enters the hole, which they will do several times a day, they encounter the baited live trap.  We remove the captured squirrels and install more empty traps.  It will typically take 7 to10 days to remove all the squirrels from your property, then Arrow Pest Control will repair exit/entrance holes. Please don't hesitate to call with questions about squirrel control, guarantee and cost. Process and costs will vary depending on your situation. 


Gray Squirrels

The Gray Squirrel is one of Minnesota's most common wildlife species.  It is most often found in backyards and parks.  Gray Squirrels mate twice a year, giving birth to 2 to 4 babies squirrels. Gray Squirrels are one of the few animals that thrive in areas where houses break up natural woodlands.  Squirrel numbers have increased in recent years due to suburban sprawl and backyard bird feeders.


Red Squirrels

Red Squirrel or Pine Squirrel is about half the size of the Gray Squirrel.  It is associated with pine trees but will live in hardwood and thickets. The Red Squirrel is a rusty red color and a whitish belly.


Flying Squirrels

Flying Squirrels do not fly, but these squirrels  glide from perch to perch.  When the legs are stretched out, skin between the legs stretches out tautly to from a large planing surface which enables the squirrel to glide up to 150 feet.  Flying Squirrels are the only nocturnal squirrel in Minnesota.

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