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Bat control consists of finding and fixing all of the holes, cracks, gaps, crevices, and other openings that the bats are using or might use.  We inspect vents and other similar openings and screen them over if needed.  We leave at least one or more main hole(s) open and install a one way door over them; this will let the bats out but not back in.  We make a return visit in about 2 weeks, remove the one way door(s) and permanently repair those last holes.  At that point, the bats are all out and the house is sealed and bat free. Arrow Pest Control guarantees it. 



Minnesota has 7 different types of bats.  Two of the most common are the Little Brown Bat and the Big Brown Bat, both will commonly enter houses and other buildings and become a pest problem.  Our greatest concern is the potential for diseases such as Histoplasmosis found in bat droppings and the occurrence of Rabies.  Bats usually  keep a low profile inside a house staying up in the eaves and attics.  Some signs that you might have bats include: high pitch-squeaks and scratching at night coming from the walls or ceiling.  Bats will often stain the sides of buildings as the bat enters and exits the building.  A strong pungent odor is often associated with bat droppings.  A bat flying around in the house and bats seen exiting or entering an opening is a sure sign of a bat problem.  Some bats migrate in the winter or over winter in caves and buildings.  Bats are usually active as long as the evening temperatures stay above 50 degrees.  The females give birth in late spring and the young bats can fly around 3 to 4 weeks later.  If you should discover bats in your house the only long term solution is to get the bats out and then repair the entrance holes.    

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