Jim U. from Minneapolis wrote, "Dennis, I appreciate the service you did for me.  If you're interested I have a friend in St. Paul that has the same problem I had. Thanks again."


Carolyn from St. Paul wrote "Dennis- With your professionalism, patience and humor you turned a nightmare situation into an 'adventure'.  You restored the peace and I learned a few things along the way, too.  I know you think you were just doing your job but I wanted to express my appreciation for doing so well.  If you can spare a few business cards, I'll put them to good use."


Dawn Z. from Woodbury wrote, "Thanks. I really appreciate the service."


Bob C. from Minneapolis wrote, "Dennis thank you!  It is rare to have such a professional, dedicated, understanding worker come to our house.  You solving an impossible situation was outstanding.  We were at our wits end and you restored us to tranquility."


Scott O.  from GHC in Minneapolis wrote, "Our client was very pleased with your service and your results.  We look foward to continuing our working releationship with Arrow Pest Control."


Geoffery from St. Paul wrote, "Thanks Dennis.  I couldn't be more pleased with the service you gave me."


Rose S. from Minneapolis wrote, "I was very pleased with the work you did on my Minneapolis apartment buildings."


Terri W. from Bloomington wrote, "I couldn't believe how quickly you got all of the mice out of my house.  I am so very pleased with the results."


Elizebeth from Bloomington wrote, "Thanks for the effort and fair price you gave me."

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