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The best time to treat for Ladybugs is in the fall when you start seeing them gather on the exterior walls of the building, usually on the south and west sides.  We use a residual pesticide on the exterior, which keeps killing arriving beetles attempting to hibernate in your home, until freezing temperatures arrive.  Sometimes, large numbers of Asian Lady Beetles also gather in spring.  Asian Ladybugs use pheromones to attract each other into large gatherings.  Call Arrow Pest Control today with any questions about Lady Beetle Control, satisfaction guaranteed.


Asian Lady Beetle - Lady Bugs


Commonly called the Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle or Japanese Lady Bug, they were introduced to North America in about 1988 and have become a nuisance insect in many parts of the country.  Lady Beetles are small and round with orange or red wings usually spotted, and about a 1/4 of an inch long.  Ladybugs often prey on aphids and other plant feeding insects.  Asian Lady Beetles hibernate in cold months, often gathering on the sides of buildings in early fall.  They crawl into cracks and gaps to spend the winter inside the walls, where many of them make their way into the buildings living area.  Lady Beetles are a nuisance due to the large numbers that make their way into living areas of houses. 

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